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Aaron CiechanoverAvram HershkoAlexander VarshavskyMichael HoughtonHarvey AlterSydney Brenner
2000 Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards
Aaron Ciechanover

Avram Hershko

Alexander Varshavsky

The Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research is shared by Aaron Ciechanover, Avram Hershko and Alexander Varshavsky for the discovery and the recognition of the broad significance of the ubiquitin system of regulated protein degradation, a fundamental process that influences vital cellular events, including the cell cycle, malignant transformation, and responses to inflammation and immunity.

Michael Houghton

Harvey Alter

The Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research is shared by Harvey Alter and Michael Houghton for pioneering work leading to the discovery of the virus that causes hepatitis C and the development of screening methods that reduced the risk of blood transfusion-associated hepatitis in the U.S. from 30% in 1970 to virtually zero in 2000.

Sydney Brenner

The Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science honors Sydney Brenner of the Molecular Sciences Institute for 50 years of brilliant creativity in biomedical science exemplified by his legendary work on the genetic code; his daring introduction of the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans as a system for tracing the birth and death of every cell in a living animal; his rational voice in the debate on recombinant DNA; and, his trenchant wit.

Awards Ceremony Remarks by Joseph L. Goldstein, Chairman of the Lasker Awards Jury, and by Michael S. Brown and Leon E. Rosenberg, members of the Jury, September 22, 2000. Goldstein, Brown, and Rosenberg draw a verbal portrait of each honoree highlighting his contribution to science.

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