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There are those who flourish in the light of scientific knowledge, building on a foundation of past ideas and accomplishing great things for our world. But to be the source of that light--to be a luminary of science--is to explore new concepts, to illuminate places previously unseen, to light the way for others.

In science, the approval of one's peers is the cement of one's reputation. The review by peers determines success or failure-a shot at the prize-the funds to keep the body, the spirit and the vision alive. The pressure from peers is extraordinary. To turn from the wisdom of the day and to touch off a new flame, requires battlefield courage. Because to fall to folly, even if it is only perceived folly, can be a mortal wound to a scientist's career.

It has been said that were Columbus alive today, he would surely be a scientist. It is equally certain that had these luminaries of today been alive back then, they would have been the most daring of explorers.

Here is but a glimpse at the lives and works of some brilliant luminaries of science. Glimpses of the lives of Michael DeBakey, Philip Leder, Marshall Nirenberg, James Watson and Paul Zamecnik include video interviews with former CBS Evening News producer and three-time Emmy Award winner Richard Cohen.


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